Fly Bikes- Coastin

by • January 20, 2014 • Blog, Skate/BMX, Visual


A nod to their Uno video that was released a couple of years back, Spanish BMX company Fly Bikes‘ latest online video is a stylish ten minutes of some of the finest, most effortless bike riding across Spain’s Northern coast. Guided by Rueben Alcantara, the team completely shut down a variety of the finest spots, also adding their own makeshift ramps to enhance already amazing locations, creating new lines and possibilities wherever they go. Interspersed with a healthy ammount of lifestyle shots including surfing, cooking and general relaxation time, the video gives off the impression of a good time rather than riders straining to deliver their most demanding tricks, but due to the unbelievably skills they possess between them the riding is still jaw dropping. Buttery and flowing, their style is a delight to watch and that’s only enhanced by Spain’s spotless, ocean blue skies, warm, well directed camera work and pristine music selection. have a watch below.

[vimeo 83679218 640 480]

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