Flickr: Myne

by • May 17, 2011 • Blog, Visual

Myne is another head on Flickr keeping the streets nice and colourful. Presumably London based (there’s flicks on there from all over London including Kingston, Putney and plenty of locations in East), he reps a nice cartoony style, heavy in clouds and dominated by the colour blue. I’ve been lucky enough to spot a few of his pastes about on the street and their cheeriness is infectious, can’t fail to make you smile on a busy day in the city. Check out his Flickr here.

Myne1 Flickr: Myne
Myne2 Flickr: Myne
Myne3 Flickr: Myne
Myne4 Flickr: MyneMyne5 Flickr: Myne
Myne6 Flickr: Myne
Myne7 Flickr: Myne

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