Flickr: George Morton Clark

by • August 24, 2011 • Blog, Visual

George Morton Clark is a painter/street artist who grew up in South London, who comes at both the canvas or the wall with an almost Dali esque style of distorted faces that often cloud just a few incredibly detailed features in a variety of colourful smudges, drips and splashes creating an abstract feel with haunting elements that jump out at you.
Society has evolved a paranoid state of mind because of our ever-tightening freedoms. I see the world as a colliding of consciousness, made violent by its increasing extremes. We are becoming more suffocated in our day to day lives by marketing, religious views and bureaucracy. I use my work to explore the effects of these pressures on each other and ourselves.
Check his Flickr stream here, his website here and some of my favourites after the jump.

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