Flickr: Audio 57

by • February 7, 2011 • Blog, Visual

Some of the (relatively) undiscovered art on Flickr’s  been a massive inspiration to me for a long time. Whether it be graffers, street artists, photographers or fine artists, there’s no doubt that for all the crap Flickr harvests, it also contains an absolute wealth of amazing art. I’m gonna be highlighting some people on Flickr people should really know about.

Audio 57
First up, writer Audio 57, who describes himself as “a tallish, to mid higth, japanese/ African american. Slightly jewish with red dreds and a bottom row of gold teeth.” and apparently keeps an ant farm (amongst other pets). That imagery aside, the Flickr uploads behind the character are absolutely unbelievable, coming with fire from both the ball point pen and the spray can.

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