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Vadim1 DJ Vadim InterviewDj Vadim is a Hip Hop powerhouse. A veteran in the DJ community and a producer who´s paving new roads in Hip Hop, with 20 years of touring under his belt and shows in over 60 countries. He´s prolific not only under his own name, but also too many monichers to list, such as One Self, a group he formed alongside Yarah Bravo and Blu Rum 13. He´s not only signed to the iconic Ninja Tune label, but through his sets and record label, Organically Grown Sounds, he´s helped dozens of incredible new artists along in the music world. Vadim is to me, the description and epitomy of Hip Hop and DJ culture, and never seems short of ideas. Louise Brisbane fired him a few questions for us so read on for an insight into the life of a hero. Also check out out Louise´s blog, I Am Joes Grinding Teeth.

It’s safe to say you’re pretty well travelled having lived around the world – has this been a driving force in how your music was created?
Exactly, meeting people, hearing different sounds and languages. It’s very easy to get stuck in the London thing…London crowds or even UK ting and that’s great but there is a whole world of adventure out there waiting to be discovered and covered.

What initially threw you into the musical game? Why did you want people to hear your music?
Well I was always listening [to music] but my friend had decks and I just got into DJing from there. Why do I want people to hear my music?Because I love to share and I think it brings people joy and happiness and courage to carry on. Self-expression is always good

Vadim2 DJ Vadim Interview

Your shows are fairly off the hook, but can you pin point the best show you’ve ever done? Where was it and what made it so good?
Well that’s really hard to say. There have been so many;Paris,, LA, NYC, London, Brighton, Bristol, Aberdeen, Oslo, Tokyo, Marseille, Mexico City… All insane.

Alternatively which was the worst? If you could re-do it over again what would you make different?

Never ever ever go to Tallahassee, Florida!That place is just a cultureless shit hole. Been there maybe three times or four times and it’s been shit with a capital S every time aside from the ladies I met there! [Laughs]. It’s definitely a shit hole where people don’t like music… only what’s in the charts.

You’ve worked with some quite amazing artists, but which one was the best to collaborate with?
Yarah Bravo. So much so I married her!
moz screenshot DJ Vadim Interview
For those who haven’t heard it tell us about your latest album U Can’t Learn Imaginashun?

Well the latest album in fact is by my new The Electriccalled Life is Moving which we released on my new label. – OGS. Organically grown sounds, that came out like 2 months ago and we have been touring relentlessly over the world since… I have my own album nearly finishing now….

The album itself came after you had a very traumatic period in your life – was it hard to carry on with music during that time? Or was that the thing that got you through such a distressing time?
When disaster strikes there are two outcomes; you either overcome the pain or be overcome by it. I didn’t let it take me down; [I] got more creative and productive because when I die, I want to leave a huge body of work for people because that’s all I know how to do well.

You play quite a lot of shows a year does that ever get draining mentally and physically?
Yes of course. I get tired traveling , going through airport security twice a day, X-ray machines, carrying heavy bags up and down the stairs in the tube, catching trains, ferry’s… waiting to go on, waiting to get paid, waiting to sleep… a whole load of waiting and sitting around. DJing can be very unglamorous too!

In the 90s you had your own record label how did that come about?
I started that to release my own music. Then I signed to Ninja Tune. In 1996

Finally, what’s coming up for DJ Vadim?
A new album, more stuff with The Electric. We just dropped our latest single –Toot Toot a week ago with a video up on YouTube. Plus this funny skit:

We’ve got loads of festivals and shows over summer so keeping on really…

Check Vadim´s website here for all sorts of goodness.

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