Desert Island Disks: Naibu (The Fall EP)

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Parisian d&b artist Naibu has been a firm favourite for a while now. Creating stunning liquid tracks, he’s a true crate digger who utilises the sampling techniques close to our heart while adding beautiful melodies of his own, laid back pads and infections basslines to juxtapose the past and the future. Dusty crates meet space age atmospherics in his melancholic and effortlessly smooth tracks which fit perfectly with the forward thinking manifesto of Horizons, a label that’s championed him since his first release with them back in 2008.

His latest release with them, a six track EP entitled The Fall EP, drops on 11th March (in both 3×12″, CD and digital packages) and is no exception to the level of quality and originality we’ve grown accustomed too from Naibu. Working with Key, a female vocalist who’s often added the final touch to his creations, on the first three tracks, we’re treated to shuffling drums under beautiful vocals and melodies for downbeat, and yet infectiously pulsating and progressing, bliss in the form of Just Like You and Play With Fire. Meanwhile, the addition of EnaNothing Special.

Carrying on for the latter half of the release feature free, Untill lets a dubby intro lead into a hip hop sample before one of the harder breaks of the release steps with a reverberating kick underneath a echoing clicks, working it’s way through rising pads and drum edits for another track that keeps on giving. Autumn Comes lets you float black into encapsulating pitched down vocals and piano riffs where no two bars seem the same while Wrong makes use of that incredible metallic drum sound that has helped define Naibu’s style over the years for a meditative end so a release that drags you into it’s bubble and doesn’t let go.

A expectedly techy Break remix of an older Naibu track, Into the Distance finishes off one of my releases of 2013 so far. Keep checking for it over at Horizons or keep an ear to your favourite record stores on March 11th. Having already spoken to Naibu for a full interview recently, we decided to delve deeper into his influences by setting him the famously impossible Desert Island Disks challenge. He suprised us in true form with a nice eclectic selection….

Serge Gainsbourg – Histoire de Melody Nelson

Selecting only 3 records is just impossible, because no album is ever perfect, from start to finish. To the exception of this one. Everything about this album is amazing. The poetry, the compositions (Most of the music on this is actually composed by Jean-Claude Vannier who is a legendary french arranger), the playing, the recording. Everything about this record is beautiful. I couldn’t live without it.

Radiohead – Amnesiac
Not their best record in my opinion but I need Pyramid Song in my life. This one song is very special, it hurt me so much the first time I heard it. It’s a challenging one to play because of its unusual rhythm pattern and the melody is absolutely heart breaking. The piano is simply beautiful, the drums sound amazing, the string arrangements are incredible and they sound superb, I’m lacking superlatives. There’s so much sadness in this one but it is an absolute beauty.

Anything by Debussy or Ravel
I couldn’t make my mind up about a 3rd one so I’ll take any orchestral recording of Maurice Ravel’s Pavane For A dead Princess or piano recording of Gaspard De La Nuit. If I had to choose only 1 style of music to listen to for the rest of my lifeĀ  I’d go for classical without a doubt. Classical is the root of everything I love in music. Jazz, film music, ambient music, experimental music, all the colours and textures you can find in classical music.

I think that this selection would make for a very depressing desert island stay and I’d hope someone would get me out of there as quickly as possible, but I simply can’t live without these.

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