Dephect Spring/Summer 13

by • April 15, 2013 • Blog, Product Watch

As the sun slowly starts to poke it’s head through the greys above London, faces get brighter, ladies wear more skin, the gents start to ditch the parkas in favour of lighter wardrobes and, right on queu, North London based clothing company Dephect release perhaps their strongest range yet. Working with a variety of artists such as spray paint extraordinaire Dank, New York based graphic design duo Morning Breath and of course featuring art from one of the companies founders KeshOne, their Spring/Summer range is in places hard and in others cheery, while always retaining the edge they’ve developed through a passion for UK street culture.

Having got my grubby mitts on some of the pieces, I can assure you that the cuts are spot on, the designs are well printed and the quality of garment is as on point as ever. From the ‘The Sky’s the Limit’ emblem stitched to the bottom left of the bold, gritty Hard Knocks crewneck, to the beautifully detailed print of Dank’s Street Light Tee and the colourful Musical Dope tee, Dephect always go the extra mile with little details and superior quality products that really make them stand out in today’s over saturated street wear market. An extensive range of hats, from five panels through snapbacks to beanies, top it all off for the final touch of colour for a range that’s will thrive at the Croatian festivals as much as it does on the streets of London.

For me though, a brand is defined by much more than simply it’s products and in that sense Dephect really are the cream of the crop in the UK. From sponsoring the Harrow skate park jams back in the day and supporting some of our finest graff artists to their involvement in the UK Hip Hop scene sponsoring artists and being part of festivals, they’ve supported everything Broken Culture stands for since day dot. They’ve carved out their niche on our little island through not just an expertise in making top notch garms, but also a genuine love for everything they claim to represent that’s seen them play a part in shaping our culture today. In a small scene on a smaller island, brands like Dephect are essential to our strength and, when the clothes are this damn good, it’s not exactly hard to show them a bit of love back. Go check the range over at their website here.

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