Dephect: A/W14 Collection

by • September 11, 2014 • Blog, Product Watch, Visual


Returning once again to fill your wardrobes for the upcoming Winter, North London clothing kings Dephect are back with a bang, consistent as ever, as their newest range of clothing hits their online store. From tees through crews, hoods and hats their hip hop and graffiti inspired designs are bold, colourful and undeniably eye catching for clothes that pick out the likeminded in the crowd. Heavily inspired by the city of London we hold so close to our hearts, it’s a collection of clothing that suits us to a tee.

Always a supporter of underground Uk cultures such as Hip Hop, D&B, Skateboarding and Graffiti, their understanding of those art forms and relentless work ethic shines through not only in their designs but also the events, people and organisations they sponsor and look after. Having long been a BC favourite, it’s good to see them still paving the way in terms of heavily graphic designs and sticking to the aesthetic they’ve so successfully built over the past fifteen years. Check out some of our picks below and view the whole collection on their website here.







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