The Delusionists- The Messiah Complex

by • November 22, 2013 • Blog, Hip Hop, Music

The Delusionists- Messiah Complex (Production Thomas Edison)

Ever since the bar, “What, you don’t know I’m a delusionist?” first echoed through my speakers in their Poison feature on Mr. Boss The Landing Vol. 1 mixtape, The Delusionists are a crew I’ve been looking forward to hearing more from. Now working on a forthcoming project, for release on Beats Laying About Records, they’ve released a tune not only to promote that, but also producer Charles Edison‘s more imminently forthcoming Lightbulbs debut album. Somehow making a Disney sample sound hard, Edison laces a heavy kick drum and shuffling cymbal break underneath infectious melodies and a plethora of vocal samples as one of the Delusionist’s vocalists flows deep, otherworldly rhymes with a strong presence and devilish wordplay. Check it out below and watch out for Edison’s Lightbulbs album coming soon.

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