Delusionists- Elevator Music

by • October 18, 2011 • Blog, Hip Hop, Music, Visual

The Delusionists, a London Hip Hop crew that are really on their way up with dope lyrics and tight production, are currently doing a really cool project entitled Lost Letters. It’s a series of tracks being freely released, with cover artwork created by fans.

“You can also get involved with discovering the next Lost Letter by printing off this poster and posting it somewhere for all to see. Take a photo of wherever you post it and send it to and if it’s funny/provocative/beautiful we might just use your image as the cover art for the next release. Submissions need to reach us by Saturday 22nd October and should be an exact square of at least 520×520 pixels (the bigger, the better) with the main text on the poster clearly visible.”

Elevator Music is the second in the series, a really thoughtful track with a beautiful beat that switches up the phrase ‘Elevator Music’ by talking about moving upwards and positivity rather than boring, middle of the road hotel music.  Stream it below or download free from their Bandcamp.

<a href=”″ mce_href=”″>Elevator Music by Delusionists feat. Super Dertie</a>

Check their Ep, Prolusion Plus as well.

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