Danny McAskill’s Imaginate

by • June 18, 2013 • Blog, Skate/BMX

Mcaskill Imaginate e1371595020487 Danny McAskills Imaginate

Every so often, someone comes along out of the blue and completely changes the shape of their chosen discipline, be that music, art or sport. Danny McAskill did exactly that when he exploded onto the trials scene a few years ago, and continues to do so to this day. Blending tradition trials riding with inspirations from street BMXing, his riding’s fast paced, exciting and has changed what’s thought of as possible on a trials bike. Teaming up with Red Bull, his most recent video’s been a while coming, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

Utilising a strong concept as well as incredible riding, it’s an enrapturing seven minutes of Danny not only showcasing some of the best riding in the world, but also a far reaching imagination, something that has always been reflected in his inventive trickery. Forsaking the streets for a completely malleable environment, the results are nothing short of spectacular. Check it out below and find out more over on the website.

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