Cutta Chase- Tonguestrung EP

by • January 22, 2013 • Blog, Hip Hop, Music

It’s not often something completely original, forward thinking and simply dope just steps into the UK Hip Hop scene out of the blue, but that’s exactly what Surrey/South London MC Cutta Chase has done recently, flexing that pen hand hard with a ridiculous work rate that’s had him dropping full length free releases as if it’s nothing. His styles heart felt and makes little effort to imitate other rappers on the scene, twisting round a flow that’s intricate yet effortlessly laid back while dealing with the real life thoughts of a young man trying to make his way in the world. He speaks with a believable honesty and a wisdom beyond his years over mellow and jazzy beats, already developing a signature style of beat and working with some incredible producers.

We’re proud to present you his latest project, the Tonguestrung EP Part I, which has literally just dropped. At 13 tracks deep, the fact that this is a free release is perhaps modest. The fact that he plays it down by referring to it as an EP even more so. And the fact that it’s only part one is something I don’t really know what to make of. It’s a release that’s well crafted, unique and puts a lot of pressure on MCs planning on dropping albums in 2013.

Having built his reputation and honed his name on Soundcloud, he’s drafted in some of the communities finest producers for a collection of beats with a very refined atmosphere. Beats like Harvey Gunn’s stripped back, guitar led, Summer Loving and Equalibrium’s Cost Counting with it’s delicately stalling drum break, define the EP’s mellow sound. At the other end Rhythmatical’s Eye Tryed flips soul samples to devastating effect for a more up beat rhythm that still retains emotion while adding variety to Cutta’s sound and encourages him to switch into a really nice melodic flow. The fact that it’s completely devoid of vocalist features lets your mind drift into Cutta’s vibe, but occasional vocal snatches and samples such as in Inner Mountain keep it interesting and are delightfully selected.

Right from the cinematic pianos of the reminiscent opening track, Close Enough to Start a War, through to the smoked out crackles and pitched down vocals of Laws of Attraction, a beat by Fredo that takes my personal top spot, it’s a release that provides thought, emotion and depth in abundance and makes it hard not to zone out into Cutta’s hypnotic flow. His repetition of self made sayings and patterns such as ‘Passion over Fashion‘ provide a catchy element that deep lyrics so often miss as they pleasingly roll off the tongue and he’s really gone a long way to honing his own style that accepts no imitations.

A sound that’s equally at home on a summers day as it is huddled over a sketchpad on a winter night, Cutta impresses his opinions and emotions on you while also mixing the positive and negative to let them bend around your mindstate. It’s the kind of hip hop that really demonstrates the art, poetry and catharsis of the genre; the kind of hip hop that, while not in any way watered down, you wouldn’t mind your mum hearing and would probably make her think much more highly of you. Mastered by Lewis Kalashnikova and Fredo, it’s an end product to rival any and speaks volumes for one of the most exciting MCs in the scene. Listen below and grab the download here.

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