Cutta Chase & Fredo- The Fifth Element

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Deep thinking, poetic lyricist Cutta Chase has been blessing our speakers for a while now, releasing an incredible ammount of free LPs since 2012 (check all our posts featuring him here), often joined by his main producer Fredo, who also takes on mixing/mastering duties. For their latest release, they’ve teamed up more closely to put out easily their highest quality product to date, The Fifth Element LP. A much more refined offering, it spans eight tracks, a fraction of his previous releases that have generally been closer to twenty, but has most definitely benefited from an increased level of quality control and a more carefully thought out release. In short, they’ve both massively stepped up their games, taking two obvious natural talents (something that’s never been up for debate) and honing the sound for a more professional approach, elevating it from that of the bedroom to that of the studio.

Fans of Cutta will be pleased to know that it’s largely the same vibe, poetic wordsmithery merged with honest, deep thinking, just enhanced in terms of it’s quality and replay factor. Right from the delicate string intro of opening track Wide Eyed Owl, it’s imminently clear that you’re in for a slice of laid back zoning music that will also give you plenty to think about, Fredo introducing the first of a couple of spoken vocal samples that permeate throughout the LP, enhancing it’s thinking man appeal. His beats are butter smooth throughout, crackling samples as relaxing as three hits meeting mellow drums with an understated appeal, becoming part of Cutta’s twisting flows.

Joined by three cream of the crop MCs, they’ve selected features from a perfect make up of artists, those who fit in with Cutta’s vision effortlessly while also bringing their own sound to the table. Verb T joins the twinkling pianos and golden soul tinged saxophones of Drifting, introduced by one of Cutta’s finest hooks, to deliver a verse where he’s in his element, his relaxed tones perfectly meeting the skittering drums of the most laid back beat I’ve heard him on in a while. Elsewhere, Brighton young gun Frankie Stew opens up The Light House over the open hats of a loose drum break with his signature style, something that comes as an ideal accompaniment for Cutta. Lastly, US MC Smoovth joins in on a remix of one of Cutta & Fredo’s standout tracks from their previous drops; Laws of Attraction. Making a welcome return, Fredo’s engaging snatches of vocal samples add an extra dimension to the beat, while Smoovth’s lazy dialect and on point flow finishes off the LP’s penultimate track.

A distinct quality increase on music that’s always had the natural ingredients, the soul, honesty and creativity that can’t be learnt, Cutta and Fredo are showing here just how much they’re improving on all the things that can be. Obviously a much more considered piece of music, it’s on point right from the record shop through the microphone and to the monitors with an intensely relaxing and relatable sound we can’t get enough of. Music for the thinkers, it’s well fitted to the dark nights and crisp early mornings of winter as we burn candles at both ends. Fully worth the six pounds to support a lyricist that, for me, is one of the Uk scene’s strongest fresh talent and a producer that compliments him effortlessly. Listen below and then go grab it over on Bandcamp.

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