A-Cray/Kloro4m- Untold Stories/Solitude

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Birmingham based label Terabyte Records step back into the currently burgeoning dark d&b scene armed with yet more heat, completely switching up the sunny liquid funk of Rowpieces’ Feelin’ Happy that defined their last release with snarling bass weight from Czech producer A-Cray and Luton up and comer Kloro4m. Held together by their by their busy, scuttling drums and evil eye synths, beat smiths from opposite sides of Europe show their talent for surging dance floor music defined by it’s meticulously tight production and intricate sound design.

The stand out of the two, but by no means by a long shot, A-Cray’s Untold Stories kicks off the A side in brutal style, it’s mechanic ambience setting a hard metal tone. Drum rolls steadily introduce more to the breaks skipping pattern before it cuts back, tense in demeanour as it builds to the pounding drop. Intricately crafted drums scurry and skitter among a groaning synth as the track thumps into action, it’s crisp hits saving it from falling into the trap of being over cluttered. Meanwhile, Solitude on the flip sees the young Kloro4m’s incredibly weighty bass line take it’s time with the introductions, space age pads first building the atmosphere for it’s arresting synth melody as kicks roll towards the thundering drop, a straight up dance floor banger given an air of stoney faced vehemence by it’s stomach convulsing kick and militantly rasping synths. Complimenting A-Cray’s style perfectly, there’s just enough variety in the release to bring interest and yet both tunes can slot perfectly into the same set, two rhythms that are tear out in nature and yet intelligent in their intricacy. 

Pick it up from Beatport here.

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