Cosm & Cheebo- Hollow Sun

by • November 19, 2013 • Blog, Hip Hop, Music

Cosm HollowSun e1384819092536 Cosm & Cheebo  Hollow Sun

You may have heard Cosm boss the sole vocal feature spot on Macca’s The Great Escape¬† release we recently dropped. Returning on a solo tip, the Bournemouth bred MC’s teamed up with fellow South Coast head and supreme boom bap producer Cheebo for a 9 track EP, Hollow Sun. A proper MC/Producer collab, Cheebo’s solid beats not only bang but also help tie down the concept of the album, well chosen vocal samples and two skits burning the imprint of the hollow sun firmly onto your brain. Meanwhile, Cosm’s intricate flows and slurring hooks lead you through at times abstract, at others straight up, tales of the modern world.

From the opening track Gold Roses, my personal favourite where Cheebo puts his slant on a classic sample for the trainspotters while Cosm introduces you to his world, it’s a release that grabs your attention, Cheebo’s intricate beat and progressing samples providing the ideal soundscape for Cosm’s rhythmic flows and visual metaphors. Elsewhere, Washed Up provides a darker sound with heavy trombones and cymbal crashes under punching flows, while E.S.D. slows things down slightly into an ominous, bare bones break and Atari lazers for a really strong, menacing track.

Juxtaposing those more gloomy offerings with the more humorous, up beat style of Five Panel Hat and the electric guitars of Bank, a nicely original sample that goes perfectly with the more oriental plucks, it’s a release that travels up and down in terms of mood, held together by Cosm’s heavily metaphor laden style of lyricism. Cheebo’s production is spot on throughout, Run It Back providing another of the stand out beats with shuffling hats and smooth atmospherics, and the sample chops and element of structure he brings really help take the end product up a notch. An ideal combo, the two make their mark with a release that’s definitely rewindable, both due to Cosm’s fast, content heavy rhymes and Cheebo’s on point beat smithery. Listen below and grab it from their Bandcamp here.

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