Cortex: Hunting for Rappers

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Ingrained deep into the Hip Hop scene, it’s easy to think of the art of sampling as simply a necessity, even something that helps the world of music. Ask any cratedigger and they’ll wax lyrical about how it’s broadened their musical horizons way beyond their initial hip hop beeline. Days spent in record shops sharing common ground with musical aficionados from different eras entirely. Nights spent immersed in music most people your age would dismiss in an instant. The joys of buying an LP simply on the strength of it’s cover long before you’ve even got home and fallen in love with the sounds within. It’s all part of the life of a crate digger. But do we ever take a second to view this from the other side of things? Are the artists of the original music impressed by the new generation’s inventive take on it or disgusted by their lack of traditional musical skill?

Enter media production company Gasface, who’s most recent video follows the tale of 67 year old Alain Mion, the founder of a 70s French Jazz group who’ve tracks have become a samplers delight in recent years; Cortex. With their delicate melody’s featuring on tracks from the likes of MF Doom, Logic, Rick Ross and Defjam, Hip Hop owes a lot to their classic album Troupeau Bleu in particular and their records have become delicacies among the community. Reflecting on this, and the stardom certain artists have gained in part through the use of his music, Alain takes a relatively light hearted approach that’s respectful of those that pay and treat him honorably but disdainful of others and simply bemused by how Tyler the Creator has flipped his sound. A fascinating insight into a person that, by no real desire of his own, has become a player on a playing field completely alien to him. Perhaps rather than simply speaking for the detriments of sampling, it speaks for the fact that producers need to strive for originality in their samples rather than jumping on bandwagons, but that’s not to say we haven’t thoroughly enjoyed plenty of Cortex flips so it’s without a doubt a double edged sword. Check the full video below.

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