Central Beatz: Silent Witness & Amoss Review/Interview

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Last Saturday, the 22nd of February, Broken Culture revisited the central-Leeds Beat Bar venue for another exhilarating event. Hosted by Central Beatz following their successive January event which provided performances from Klute & Nymfo, the night was filled with stimulating drum n bass that saw Silent Witness headline following his Arc Light EP which recently came out on Dispatch Recordings, alongside the influential London based productions of Amoss and MC JC providing lyrical support. Read on to find out Silent Witness and Amoss’ thoughts on the nights performances, and for some exclusive insights into what can be expected from them in future.

Performing first Venuq warmed the Beat Bar sound systems, beginning with a reserved set list that progressively gained momentum. Gaining pace his mix slowly escalated into a more vigorous set, dropping grinding basslines that fuelled the audience until midnight. The room erupted when Silent Witness emerged beside the decks, supported by MC JC who took to the centre stage. After a suspenseful introduction he quickly pumped furious tempos and rhythmically relentless breaks. It only took the crowd seconds to react to the faster pace before going wild to the volatile mix, matching the speed which quickly escalated into an eruption of rapid layers in an exceptionally turbulent performance. MC JC did well to vitalize their growing audience throughout the 90 minute set.

Silent Witness confessed – “I just tried to make a good first impression.

I’ve only played in Leeds once before. This is a nice dingy little venue – a sweatbox I like to say! It’s really good up north and tonight’s crowd was really up for it. I hoped my music would have some kind of emotional effect over them.

Amoss took over following the exhaustive session, energising the crowd with the familiarly dark repertoire of penetrative neurofunk. Although co-Amoss member James Evans couldn’t make the event, Andy Tweedale still capably took on the Yorkshire crowd alone. He began with a more melodic approach to his predecessor, blending atmospheric drops with sinister breaks. The underground venue was constantly shaking in a frenzy of fierce basslines whilst the performance was invigorated by MC JC’s unrelenting lyrical energy over the sounds of some exclusive plays of Amoss singles that are set to emerge in the near future:

I played Descended – the new 2014 remix of our track Bleed It which is going to be our next Horizons music single and I also played the other tune on that, as well as a few bits from our Dispatch EP and our collaboration with Fre4knc.

Afterwards I caught up with Andy backstage to hear his thoughts on the nights performances – “James is partying somewhere else tonight, we split the gigs up recently so I took on Leeds tonight and he’s doing Czech Republic next week on his own whilst I’m away on holiday in Iceland.

That said, tonight has been really enjoyable! Silent Witness went in hard so at first it was difficult to find a balance on how I should play it after that. The set was only an hour and a half and I was trying to go across all different styles and wanted to go a bit deeper. The sound system was really, really loud. My ears are ringing to fuck! I have earplugs but I didn’t put them in tonight… Now I think that I should have done (laughs).


Central Beatz resident DJ’s Onset and LD50 performed back-to-back to round off the night, initially unrelentingly maintaining the existing ethos but slowly relieving the crowds weariness by matching their mood and dropped grooving beats to vibe with until the event’s end.

I met back up with Silent Witness to discuss his recently released Arc Light EP and his side projects Triple Seed & Bolo Music…

The Arc Light EP is a collection of tunes I’ve worked on over the last two years, ranging from two years ago to literally two months ago. Like any piece of music it’s a picture in time. It’s got a bit of old flavours that some people know me for and it’s got some sort of new, weird, innovative flavours – a bit of everything.

Triple Seed is my Drum n Bass label. Bolo Music is my any-other-music-that’s-not-for-a-record release… So TV music, film music, theatre music, any music you want really. We’ve recently done some work for a television show (Street Fighter – Assassins Fist), a new series which we just did the music for. You can expect more solo releases from me on Triple Seed – an EP, possibly an album- and Bolo Music, well, we’re playing it by ear. We’ve just got this Street Fighter gig, so what comes next is what comes next.

After the Arc Light EP I might release an EP on Triple Seed or it might be a single, I’m working on it at the moment and am still deciding. They’re pretty much done, but it’s yet to be decided what they’re going to be. I’m going to have it out within the next month and I’m going to release a free track to download from my Facebook page.

Watch out for Cern and DLR headlining the next Central Beatz on the 14th of March. Keep up to date on that event on Facebook or grab early bird tickets here.

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