Catching Flies- The Stars Ep (Free)

by • October 29, 2012 • Blog, Music

CatchingFlies1 Catching Flies  The Stars Ep (Free)

Catching flies is a 21 year old Londoner who, like most people featured on Broken Culture, makes incredible music. Repping the smooth, mellow side of electronic music, his ‘The Stars EP‘ has just dropped as a free download and is an incredible four track chill out, taking you on a hitchless journey through smooth vocals, beautiful flutes, suitable starry atmospherics and tight drums.

From the scuttling intro, pianos, clicks and plucks of the first track, Sunrays, I found myself completely lost in the calm sound and humming vocals. It’s one of those tunes that manages to be both minimal and incredibly detailed, working it’s way through a massive range of variations before an unbelievably haunting flute tops things off. Let Your Hair Down progresses through lullaby like percussion and understated shakers before stripping back to a serene saxophone and eventually dropping into a splashing break accompanied by a long bassline that leads you through another fine vocal.

CatchingFlies2 Catching Flies  The Stars Ep (Free)

The third track is a remix of Mt. Wolf’s Life Sized Ghosts, utilising a similarly haunting vocal to the previous two tracks, the tone of which defines the EP, and oriental sounding harp plucks that wouldn’t be out of place on a misty Tibetan mountain. Lastly, The Stars provides an alternative take on Chris Martins incredible vocals from the 2000 Coldplay tune Yellow, switching them up with spaced out atmospherics, loose hats/shakers and electronic synths.

It’s a beautiful release from a producer I haven’t been previously aware of, but am definitely looking forward to hearing more from in the future. Lovers of Phaeleh, Synkro and mellow bass music will be all over this, and rightly so. Listen below and head over to the Catching Flies Website to download for free.

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