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by • December 24, 2013 • Blog, Hip Hop, Music, Other

ButtonEyes Button Eyes  Simple Days

Rum Com soul don Rag N Bone Man has been making a lot of movements lately outside of the world of UK Hip Hop where he first got his shine, with the vocal harmonies of Reubens Train on Crooked Cynics getting a lot of shine. Now, the latest project to benefit from his sublime, gravelly blues vocals is the stunning single from new collective Button Eyes; Simple Days. Joined by a few other familiar heads from the Hip Hop scene, 184 takes production duties and lends his hands to the live drums as a shuffling break glides underneath what is a very strong contender for Rag N Bone Man’s strongest vocal performance yet. Meanwhile, another familiar name in the form of Runone takes piano and cello duties while Gemma Williams tops it all off as she smoothly slips into the Bone Man’s place on vocals as the track leads out. Soul for miles.

With an incredible video by¬†We Are Cowboys, it’s not only incredibly soothing on the ears but also a storng statement of intent in terms of it’s overall package. Go buy it (along with the instrumental) from here.

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