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Brother Cold Shoulder e1382720650522 Brother  Cold Shoulder LP

We’ve been big fans of Rotterdam based label Fokuz Recordings for a while now here at Broken Culture, their mellow, musical slant on d&b is right up our street and one of their staple artists, Brother, is a personification of just that. One of d&b’s best kept secrets, his jazz infused sound takes influences from far outside of d&b in order to bring a take on the genre that’s at times funky and at others smooth and relaxing. His sound is no doubt varies, but always tied together by an organic, slightly retro feel, a sound that’s no better represented than by his recent second album, the Cold Shoulder LP.

A thirteen track offering (but also accompanied by 14 downtempo tracks) on a double CD, it’s a mammoth project that see’s the greatest experimentation in Brother’s style yet. Emotive guitar melodies and twinkling pianos combine with luscious horns as he blends relaxing, soulful numbers with up tempo liquid assaults on the d&b side, which would be an accomplished album in it’s own right.

However, the B Side takes his sound to an entirely new dimension with similair aesthetics merging with downbeat house drums, effortlessly sleek asmospheric based tracks and funk fueled, glitching steppers. Demonstrating his prowess across genres and showing that his signature style can travel beyond just the 170 tempo and still stay true to itself, it’s an album that sees his style really open up. An incredibly slept on artist, it’s about time the masses started to pay attention to Brothers unique and encapsulating sound. Check out the previews of both sides below and grab it through Juno here.

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