Boston- Go With Me (Ft. Solis)/The Little Things

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Normally the outlet of one of d&b’s biggest Titans in the form of tear out warrior Break, his label Symmetry Recordings is still no stranger to outside influence with the likes of Villem, Eastcolours, Xtrah and Emperor all stomping their respective brands of d&b onto wax over the years. However, it’s not often that fresh blood graces the imprint’s hallowed grooves and their next release sees the confusingly named, Cardiff based, producer Boston do just that, proving at the same time that at just twenty years of age he can already walk with the genres giants.

Teaming up with female songstress Solis for the A-Side Go With Me (below), the opening track catches you hook line and sinker from the off, a rough guitar melody and swooping atmospherics meeting her rich vocals for a musical take on 170 that oozes a subtle funk and a not so subtle soul. Intricately arranged, it drops through rising drum rolls into deliciously fuzzy bass and twinkling piano riffs, cutting back shortly after before a heavy kick and an inhaling pad pull you in to it’s second drop, the addition of more heavily pulsating bass and a new array of melodies finishing off a delightful track that just doesn’t let go, seductively pulling you in with constantly changing elements and sumptuous pads that perfectly compliment a sublime array of melodies. Slowly fading out amidst delicate guitar picks, it leaves you wondering why one of music’s most popular instruments is so seldom heard in the d&b world.

Flipping over, The Little Things (preview this on on TrackItDown here) begins on a serene note, calming atmospherics and a lazy hi hat introducing a lovely drum break before it’s bass shuffles itself in, the melody opening up as it weaves between pitter pattering atmospherics. Given an extra draw by a haunting vocal, a saxophone introduces it’s full bass weight as the track subtly ups it’s tempo, drifting into a meditative piece of liquid given a twist by it’s thumping bass line and fast drums. Although less intricate then it’s companion, stunning piano and sax melodies introduce themselves one by one as it moves forward for a more subtle take on a similar sound that seems to want to make you move and recline both at once. Finishing off a twelve that marks Boston out as a seriously strong name to watch, there’s echoes of Breaks more melodic work such as All Around but, through a dazzling array of instrumentation, Boston still manages to find a unique sound that slots him into the labels roster perfectly. Released on the 27th October, it will no doubt be available on the Symmetry website then, and if it’s whet your appetite you can hear more from Boston on his Soundcloud.

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