Boom Bap Festival 2015

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Another year, another Boom Bap, another ridiculously hefty lineup of UK Hip Hop’s most heavyweight names and another crowd of clued up industry heads and like minded folk drinking another ridiculous amount of booze and smoking another lung testing amount in another field somewhere in Suffolk. Another good time all round (read our 2014 review for an idea of just how good)

All that is true, but not everything is the same. For this year, the UK’s leading Hip Hop festival (by a long way I might add) returns spruced up with a hefty amount of US big names thrown into the mix and more delights to get your ears stuck into at the Mildenhall Stadium. Overseas artists such as Earl Sweatshirt, Ratking, Your Old Droog, Jeru the Damaja, Homeboy Sandman and Ivan Ave & Fredfades add diversity to an all encompassing UK roster including the likes of Foreign Beggars, Skitz, Skepta, The Four Owls, Lewis Parker (who could slot into either side of the pond nowadays), Chester P, Skinnyman and much more. It’s a lineup that truly shows Boom Bap’s intentions and highlights just how far the festival’s come in the last four years.

Adding to all of that, Open Mic showcases and beat battles provide further aural entertainment while a Hip Hop Cinema, Record Fairs, Streetwear Markets and B-Boy showcases, all surrounded by colourful and detailed graff, provide something for the half crossed, red eyes of two thousand ticket holders to look at during the downtime.

Boom Bap’s been an essential addition to our summer for a while now and feels like a long lost friend every time it pops round, but this time that friend is supercharged, on top form and carrying a truck load of gifts to aid the party.

Trust us, for anyone head nod included this IS NOT one to miss. Grab tickets over on the festival website and we’ll see you somewhere around the speakers.


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