Boom Bap Festival 2014

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I’m not sure if Boom Bap festival even needs introduction on this website any more, but talking about it gets me excited so let’s have a go anyway. Twenty-twelve saw us bask in sunshine in slight disbelief of the fact that we were at a purely UK Hip Hop festival that was pulled off so meticulously well with so many of the country’s greats in attendance, both on the stage and enjoying life off of it (review here). Twenty-thirteen featured sideways rain and empty tents flying above our heads but, more importantly, a somehow further improved lineup to enjoy never the less (review here). The festival itself seemed to sum up UK Hip Hop’s perseverance through the constant grey skies that probably make a lot of our introspective, occasionally even glum, lyrics what they are, never afraid to point out the monotone clouds above us but equally as willing to find the silver lining. Silver lining was in abundance, with the likes of Chester P, Klashnekoff and The Mouse Outfit taking the limelight despite worthy competition from just about every established and up and coming artist going. Frankly, Boom Bap festival has found it’s niche and proved it’s worth through rain and shine and, judging by the lineup and brand new venue they’ve got lined up from the 11th-13th July it’s only set to grow even more unmissable.

Merging it’s UK roots with some finely chosen US additions, Wu Tang’s Ghostface Killah tops the bill ahead of rapidly rising Detroit crew Clear Soul Forces for two bookings that bring a worthy answer to the question of whether Boom Bap would ever embrace US artists. While there was always arguments for both sides of it, they’ve kept firmly to the underground and done it in a way that won’t alienate their long time supporters or bring in a less musically focused crowd but will give us much needed variety and help encourage the party atmosphere that Uk Hip Hop so often lacks. Helping that cause ever further, the whole High Focus roster is standardly in attendance as well as Mouse Outfit once again but, joining the dots above them all, it’s UK stalwart Black Twang that take the UK stand out spot for us here, his South London slang never failing to crush stages.

Moving from it’s previous home of Peterborough to The Mildenhall Stadium in Suffolk, they’ve solved our main niggle from last year of the lack of a late night licence for a weekend thats promising to be bigger, better and – sometimes most importantly – louder. Always one of our favourite festivals in the calendar, it’s relaxed vibes and knowledgable crowd of true hip hop heads never fail to make it feel like home, and the fact that it’s moved from September to July and thus is less likely to be raining on our parade is the final touch. Cast your eyes over just some of the lineup below (head here for the full thing) and ask yourself if you can really bare to miss it? The answer to that question should have you heading over to their website for tickets.



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