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by • November 30, 2011 • Blog, D&B, Music

Blu Mar Ten have just released a free track in order to raise money for an animal shelter, The Mayhew Animal Home. As expected from those guys, it’s a lovely track, and for an even better cause. Read what they say about it and check it out below.

pilgrim soul2 Blu Mar Ten Free Track

This track was originally released on Vibez Recordings back in 2006.

We’d like to give it away to raise money for The Mayhew Animal Home, which is an animal shelter very close to our hearts as we and our friends have adopted several cats from it.

The Mayhew is funded 100% through donations, so if you download the track please help out if you can by donating here.

Anyone who donates to the shelter will be able to download a full quality WAV copy of the track.

If you can’t or won’t donate you can still download an mp3 of the track here, but I’m pretty sure most of you can afford ¬£1.

Established in 1886, The Mayhew is one of the busiest and most effective rescue centres in London, helping thousands of animals escape from a life of cruelty and neglect each year. They provide shelter and care for cats, dogs, rabbits and when the need arises, for a wide variety of other animals.

animals Blu Mar Ten Free Track

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