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If you fancy yourself as a connoisseur of UK talent then perhaps you’ll recognise Lee Scott from the supergroup Children of the Damned (among many other projects). But if you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years then listen up, it’s time to school yourself in Runcorn’s finest rapper. Like many once unknown artists Lee clawed his way up the metaphorical hip hop food chain with a work ethic only a Northern man could produce.

Transitioning from the battling community in the early 2000s, Lee first gained recognition in the underground scene alongside MC Salar in the duo Antiheroes. The crew eventually merged into Children of the Damned alongside Bill Shakes and Karlos Jackal, who later went onto create some of the jazziest, funkiest UK Hip Hop ever produced. As well as performing with others Lee has managed to carve a name for himself as a successful solo artist, creating a niche type of hip hop well versed in obscure imagery and intelligent rhyme schemes.

Now the founder of his own label, Blah Records, Lee continues to push his own style of expressive music onto the masses with his latest album Tin Foil Fronts dropping in December. If that’s not enough for you, or for a bit of preparation in anticipation of it, below is a top five best of Scott. Enjoy.

#5: Lee Scott – Kitties
Kitties has got experimental Scott stamped all over it, showing the fans there are many faces to his creative persona. If sterile, commercial hip hop is your thing then I’m almost certain you’ll hate this, but to those willing to try something a bit different from your average UK release it’s perfect. I didn’t think combining dark, intense synths with a light hearted subject would work but surprisingly it does. Give it a go if only for genius bars such as “if Bubbles could rap we’d be killin’ cats/and by cats I mean people who fuck with cats”

#4: Mr. Wrong – Gluttony
Mr. Wrong is Lee’s alter ego. Or could it be his evil twin? We’ll never know. Either way get ready to feast on some seriously barbaric bars about one of the original sins; greed. Gluttony is a dark journey into the brain of Mr. Wrong, laid over a mysterious beat by Maximus Quackhandle. A kind of creepy yet impressively imaginative number lifted from the Peppered Moth Soup EP.

#3: Children of the Damned – Money on Tap
Taken from the Brick Pelican album in 2008, Money on Tap is arguably one of COTD’s best tracks to date. Some could say this is down to the group roping in the talented Eliza Doolittle to lend her vocals to the verse but I’m sure many would disagree. While her saccharine tones add a distinctive flair to the song its the production value that really stands out. Crafted by Lee himself the smooth multi instrumental loops provide a blank canvas for the crew to go wild on. Timeless funky classic. PS: COTD if you’re reading this, make another album already.

#2: Lee Scott & Illinformed- Sunshine
I’d be lying if I said I knew what this video meant. Heck, who knows what it means? Who cares; it’s Lee Scott truly staying in character for the purpose of his latest concept album Stupid Poignant Sh!t. The last in the ‘Sh!t’ trilogy (see more: Happy Sellout Sh!t and Grumpy Comeback Sh!t), Sunshine is a cynical ditty completely contradictory to it’s namesake.
You could almost compare it to being stuck in a world where everything is painted a murky shade of grey. Despite the impending sense of doom attached to this track Lee manages to keep it real with a flurry of raw lyrics expertly blended in with a twisted beat from Real Life Drama’s resident beatmaker Illinformed.

#1: Lee Scott- Happy Sellout Sh!t
Okay, okay I know this isn’t a track — its a whole album, BUT HSOS is worth every ounce of your listening pleasure. Fed up of not having his face splashed across empty advertising space, Lee decided to throw his underground roots out of the window and go for those platinum numbers. Making an EP full of rainbows and smiles was probably a tough task for someone who’s a self confessed ‘grump’ but its easy to love nonetheless. Check out Whodafort and Back2wrk for your fix of Lee Scott on top form.

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