Berry Weight- Music for Imaginary Movies (Free)

by • January 20, 2013 • Blog, Hip Hop, Music, Other

Old doesn’t always mean outdated, something this 2010 released album from Canadian/Swedish duo proves perfectly, polishing off any Trip Hop lovers Sunday with mellow instrumentals and serene melodies. Incorporating electronic elements, acoustic instruments and turntable wizardry, they fuse a mixture of influences from all around the music pool into an eleven track album that provides pure harmonious bliss from start to finish. Occasional collaborations with Astrid Engberg bring soulful vocals for the final touch to an original, groove filled and incredibly produced album.

To say thank you to their supporters and welcome them into 2013, Phonosaurus Records are offering a free download of the whole album during the month of January. Even in this digital age we live in, music of this quality doesn’t often come free. Cop it here and watch out for their follow up album coming this year on Phonosaurus.

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