ArpXP/Glÿph & Gremlinz – Seems Like/Evolution/Mesmerize

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Single malt liquid, Arp XP’s Seems Like opens up another stunning Absys Records 12″ in fine style, sliding smoothly through the ears before later introducing the subtly bitter after taste of hissing atmospherics and the occasional grinding baseline. The more beautiful side of a release that covers the spectrum of deep d&b (between both it’s A and B tunes as well as a third digital bonus), it’s silky piano and echoing vocals combine for a stunning dark, rolling liquid tour de force that’s both melodic and gritty all at once. Steadily growing into it’s slightly nastier side, it’s shift in atmosphere goes almost un-noticed for a delightful change in perception as Alien vs Predator style shrieks begin to lurk and echo through it’s otherwise tranquil soundscape.

Meanwhile, Glÿph & Gremlinz’ Evolution takes a vastly different approach altogether, yet still plays off contrast to create a delicate balance of funk and filth. Building through a tense intro, a bebop bassline mingles with harsh synth atmospherics before cutting out entirely to an incredibly surreal vocal sample, innocent yet sinister, to introduce the stepping, squelching break, mechanic rasps and amen rolls that characterise much of it’s first half. Cutting out once again before introducing it’s full drop, piercing basslines and intricate drums pound through a factory floor shuffle that’s deliciously blood boiling, made all the more so after the grating, almost uncomfortably rising synth of it’s breakdown. Lastly, Glÿph’s bonus track Mesmerize takes a repeating ‘Inhale, exhale, relax’ vocal sample and devilishly twists it into an ominously dystopian mood among alarms, creaks and industrial synth play to put the final touch of variety on a release that’s top notch in all departments. Yet another impressive display from the Dublin based Absys label, it’s variety, quality and downplayed originality make this one an instant purchase. Listen below and grab the preorder now from the Absys Bandcamp.

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