An Ode to Freestyle

by • September 25, 2012 • Blog, Hip Hop, Music

Freestyle An Ode to Freestyle
Real freestyle has become somewhat of a lost art recently; Youtube videos feature the word in the title when actually they feature nothing of the sort, rap battles are generally pre-written and most MCs stepping to the cypher are armed with their latest bars rather then straight off the dome wit. However, there are still some heads in the UK holding it down and a recent Mr Key video (below) featuring almost six minutes of pure frees got me thinking that the true spur of the moment wordsmiths deserve more limelight. So here we are, some of my favourite UK freestyle videos, straight from the noggin with not a pen, pad or blackberry in sight. Check some more frees and general bars/cyphers on one of our Youtube playlists dedicated to just that here.

Mr Key:

Jehst, Asaviour & Parky (contains some writtens):

Life MC:

Chester P- 5 Word Challenge:


Task Force:

BVA, Dirty Dike & Leaf Dog:

Jehst & Usmaan

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