Alix Perez- Feelings of Regret (Free)

by • March 1, 2013 • Blog, D&B, Music

The fact that Alix Perez’s debut LP 1984 is by far the most battered piece among the permanent residents of my record bag says a lot about just how special that album is. At the time of it’s release it was fresh and helped define d&b’s sound for a good few years; The Cut Deepens with Foreign Beggars is still my favourite tune among the current trend of MC led darkness and played a large part in sparking that, while Forsaken shows his prowess at the other end of the scale with mellow liquid beauty. That being said, I’m suitably excited for his second LP which is currently in the works, especially after he leaked the first single from it Feelings of Regret for free download earlier this week.

It’s Contradictions esque liquid track that, for all it’s smoothness and mellow vocals, still hits hard with drums that seem to effortlessly punch through the mix and progression for days. For me it shows that, despite all his experimentation in various genres and knack of always staying ahead of the curve, Perez has no plans of completely abandoning his roots for his second LP. If the tracks that have been popping their heads up in Shogun artists sets are anything to go by, we can expecting classic Shogun vibes such as this alongside genre defying MC collabs (Jehst anyone?) and gritty dance music experimentation.

Pick up Feelings of Regret simply by signing up to Alix Perez’s mailing list over at his website.

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