Adam and Cuth- Hold That Note (Video)

by • February 27, 2013 • Blog, Hip Hop, Music

AdamCuth e1361999259183 Adam and Cuth  Hold That Note (Video)

Adam the Rapper and his producer Cuth (who also recently did a dope Ep with Frankie Stew) dropped a really nice 10 track Ep back in September 2012. Entitled The Letters, soulful, boom bap beats and clever rhymes make it a smooth listen but Adam’s flow and style is also really original. He’s got a nice blend of the abstract and the real that I’m really feeling. They just released a video of one of my favourite tracks, Hold That Note. Female vocal snatches and a constant piano provide the backdrop for some heavy flows and a hook that really hits home. The video’s also got some great moments, the underattended woodland party particularly tickled me. Go grab the full Ep either on CD or as a digital download here.

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