20syl – Kodama (Video)

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We were previously unfamiliar with the cryptically coded moniker of French producer/MC 20syl, but discovering he was the founding father of Nantes based Hip Hop collective Hocus Pocus who’s 2006 released LP 73 Touches travelled through speakers far from France (check out the lead single featuring US MC’s The Procussions Hip Hop? for example) lends him solid credentials. The latest video for one of his solo tracks Kodama is unmissable, an incredibly well directed birds eye view of his hands performing the track on a range of MPCs and Synths as well as drawing a picture, making a cup of tea and more. Blending many of our passions from Hip Hop through Design, Videography, Illustration and of course good old MPC porn, director Mathieu Renoult could hardly go wrong and his visuals take the glitching, melodic track to another level as the multitude of hands playfully make their way through the many layers of the already immersive beat. Read the full interview with Mathieu over on Creative Review.

We had to make a lot of takes and make sure all of them were perfect and that the light and the camera would not move, Just like it would be for a stop motion film, for example. We had to climb on a ladder to change the batteries, and be very careful not to move the camera. Basically if the camera had moved by a centimetre, everything would have been ruined. So we had to find a way to make it steady for four days and nights – I can’t tell you how, we had to build our own system, so it’s a secret.” – Mathieu Renoult, Director

[vimeo 98417189 640 360]

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