13th Witness (Photography)

by • May 7, 2014 • Blog, Photography, Skate/BMX, Visual

tumblr mdbdteublW1qzexyqo1 1280 13th Witness (Photography)

While we don’t know all too much about the New York based photographer 13th Witness, his heavily stylized photographs speak loud enough for themselves, the modern metropolis and the people that make it so special bursting out from within his pin sharp images. From personality filled portraits of some of Hip Hop’s greats and the arresting light of his BMX shots through grainy, cluttered city scenes and attention grabbing fashion shots, his work’s varied in both subject and style yet consistently excellent in quality. Check it all out below and see more on his website here.

tumblr mkyyt994VH1qzexyqo1 1280 13th Witness (Photography)USA

tumblr mmlm94yTEL1qzexyqo1 1280 13th Witness (Photography)

tumblr mmllygGNmp1qzexyqo1 1280 13th Witness (Photography)

tumblr mlfuf8Rqzt1qzexyqo6 1280 13th Witness (Photography)

tumblr mdbdpyNQgf1qzexyqo1 1280 13th Witness (Photography)

tumblr mc4ew3I0cM1qzexyqo1 1280 13th Witness (Photography)

tumblr m6yd6kbxJ31qzexyqo1 1280 13th Witness (Photography)

JohCole3 13th Witness (Photography)

JoshCole2 13th Witness (Photography)

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